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Business Travel Solutions

To properly manage your company's T&E spend, you need far more than a travel a service - you need a proactive financial and travel management partner.

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About Us

Founded in 1969, ITandT BTS is a privately held, female owned travel management firm headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania with global sales now in excess of $200,000,000.00. Dedicating 100% of our resources and infrastructure to the middle segment market (organizations…

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We’re Better Than A Travel Agency

ITandT BTS is a customer driven organization that recognizes the necessity of listening to each of our clients. By doing so, we are in a position to better understand the unique requirements that each client has, which in turn…

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Our Guarantee

ITandT BTS provides our client partners with the following guarantees: ITandT BTS Traveler Service Guarantee Should a traveler and/or agent of the company not be totally satisfied with the services rendered on a particular reservation, ITandT BTS will issue…

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Business Travel Solutions

Booking a trip is only the beginning of TRAVEL MANAGEMENT.

To properly manage your company’s T&E spend, you need far more than a travel a service – you need a proactive financial and travel management partner.

If your current business travel practices consist of only a self-service online tool or a travel agency booking your tickets, ITandT BTS will open up a whole new world for your company. While we will certainly assist you with the selection of the best online tool for your needs and guarantee your savings through increased online adoption, our expertise does not end there.

At ITandT BTS we recognize that all travel programs require the following:

  • A strategy to align travel with your core business goals
  • A comprehensive policy to guide traveler patterns and behavior
  • Effective technology, tools and incentives for travelers to make the right decisions when it comes to spending he company’s money
  • Experienced sourcing to deliver the best vendor discounts available
  • The business intelligence to inform proper decision making

Your company’s travel spend is impacted by three things: the number of trips your travelers take, the rates you pay per trip and the level of compliance to your travel policy. All three of these factors interact and you need to manage them strategically in order to maximize savings. Simply cutting the number of trips across the board can impact mission critical functions, so you need to identify which trips are key to your business. Allowing travelers to hunt around for the best rate is both inefficient and costly, so you need to ensure your travelers have access to all relevant inventory and can access it in one place. And non-compliance to the travel policy erodes sourcing saves and reduces your negotiating leverage – ultimately increasing cost per trip.

To find out more about ITandT BTS and how we can assist your company with reducing travel related costs by as much as 40% please click here.