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Videoconference Services

In an age when organizations need to be in touch with facilities, branch offices, subsidiaries, customers and suppliers around the globe, video conferencing technology has become essential to accomplish these tasks. ITandT BTS is the only travel management firm in the United States that actively endorses and integrates video conferencing technology into its travel management program.

Recognizing the important role that this technology plays in reducing travel related costs, ITandT BTS offers a global service solution to our clients. Integrated into the standard travel process this service is available to each client, at substantially reduced rates. Handled in a similar manner to that of a standard airline reservation, ITandT Client Service Representatives will take your reservation request, check the availability of the locations requested, and provide a rate quote.

All Vidcon Sites are set in a boardroom type environment with each location having multi-screen functionality (one screen utilized for presentation pieces – graphs, charts, etc., and one screen utilized for those attending the session).